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Magazine Articles

  • FOSCHINI, Jan-Feb 2009 "Update your Life!"
  • Absolute Cape Town, Dec/Jan 08 "Life Coaching"
  • JSE, Apr 08 "Executive Training"
  • ELLE, Jan 08 "Cosmic Countdown"
  • GLAMOUR, July 07 "Dating at 20,30,40"
  • GLAMOUR May 07 "Your relationship barometer"
  • COSMOPOLITAN, May 07 "Change your Life!"
  • YOU, April 19 "How I beat depression"
  • DEAL, April 07 "Whose life is it anyway?"
  • REAL SIMPLE, March 07 "Iceland and Tahiti"
  • ENTREPRENEUR, Jan 07 "Let a coach inspire you!"
  • RENAISSANCE, Dec 06 "Changing your Life"
  • ELLE, July 06 "Coaching Hollywood"
  • WOMAN & HOME, Sept 06 "Life Coaching Courses"
  • PEOPLE Dynamics, Aug 06 "Consciousness Coaching® - the next generation of coaching for leadership development"
  • ODYSSEY, Aug 06 "Consciousness Coaching® self-designed destiny"
  • MANWEES, July 06 "Inspirasie: Persoonlikheid"
  • STYLE, May 06 "The Professional Path to Perfection"
  • HR FUTURE, Feb 06 "Latest development in the coaching industry"
  • ME!, Dec 05 "Consciously balanced!"
  • FINEST, June 03 "The Inner Million"

Newspaper Articles

  • BEELD, April 25th 07 "Geluk is in jou kop"
  • CITIZEN, May 07th 07 "Control the fire within"
  • Career Times, Sept 17th 06 "Becoming a Life Coach"
  • Glamorous Life, Sept 06 "Supermodel turns to courageous Coaching"
  • DIE Burger, 29th Dec 05 "Nuwejaarswense al in Januarie vergete, se kenner"
  • Weekend Witness, July 29th 06 "Coaching: the future is now"
  • Business Report, Aug 26th 05 "Empowerment through life coaching"
  • The Reader, Mar 02 "Go for the best"
  • Euro News, Aug 02 "German Coach discovers new video analysis"
  • Mallorca Magazin, Nov 01 "Hilfestellung auf dem Weg nach oben"


  • HEART FM 104.9, Nov - Dec 07 - Season 2 "Life Coaching #1 - 8"
  • SABC CKI FM, 5 Sept 07 "Conversations live"
  • HEART FM 104.9, Jun-Aug 07 - Season 1 "Coaching shows #1 - 8"
  • 5FM, 22 Jan 07 "Self confidence"
  • HEART, 3 Jan 07 "What is Coaching?"
  • SAFM, 8 Jan 07 "Reaching desired goals"
  • SAFM, 7 Jan 06 "What is Consciousness Coaching®?"
  • SAFM, 11 Feb 06 "Designing a stable base for a relationship"
  • SAFM, 21 Feb 06 "On Relationships"
  • SAFM, 28 Dec 05 "How to make successful New Year's resolutions"
  • CAPE TALK, 19 May 05 "Interviewing Marc Steinberg"

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