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Marc Steinberg

A man committed to cause a global awakening in consciousness

Marc Steinberg's mission statement since 1991 has been: "To initiate an awakening in consciousness" - and ever since he has touched and transformed the lives of countless people all over the world.


Marc is the founder and CEO of CCI Creative Consciousness International, a fast growing international movement facilitating empowerment programs and consciousness development tools based on Marc's ground breaking Consciousness Coaching® methodology.


Marc's empowerment innovations have made him a sought after speaker, trainer and thought leader in his field. His applied philosophy is based on the ancient credo that all external changes begin internally in the human being. In addition he says: "Coaching as a profession has been around for about 20 years now, and coaching is all about supporting a person to achieve his or her goals in life. Consciousness Coaching® has the added component of creating awareness; it does this by acting not on the content of thinking and feeling, but on the context in which it occurs.


Marc is the author of SINCLAIR, an autobiographic novel of a man's search for enlightenment: real, poetic and full of tangible wisdom for the 21th century mind.


Mr Steinberg was born in Munich, Germany in 1959. He spent his youth searching for enlightenment and became a monk at age 21. Having found what he was looking for Marc returned into the world and since has been a successful entrepreneur and thought leader. He is the founding president of the Cape Town Chapter of the ICF - the International Coach Federation, which is headquartered in the USA. He was elected as a board member and the representative of the African continent in the ICF Global Forum. He became South Africa's first member of the WABC, the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches and acquired the ICF’s MCC credential, the arguable most renowned coach qualification wordlwide.


He lives in Europe - Crete and speaks internationally to distinguished delegates and audiences.



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New Book - Passion For Awareness


Passion For Awareness - "Living Open, Living True", A New State of Consciousness

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Passion for Awareness is an honest, no-nonsense and enlightening dive into the nature of the ego, the self and the way we create our lives. The book is written so that it mirrors the mind, making its traps and self-imposed limitations clearly visible.



Sinclair - The True Story of One Man's Search for Enlightenment

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"Sinclair" plunges the reader into the battles, disasters and triumphs of a man determined to find his way to inner freedom and outer wealth.

To the young Sinclair, in demand as an international top model and actor, entrepreneurial success, the 'Outer Million' comes easily. Yet his spirit is restless and discontented, pushing him forcefully forward to reach for the 'Inner Million'.