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Consciousness Quotient Test

Test your CQ (Consciousness Quotient)

This CQ (Consciousness Quotient) test has been devised and developed by CCI to measure the level of Consciousness one is operating on. Consciousness is the human operating system within which we think, feel and act. Levels of Consciousness and awareness differ from person to person and can be increased through training. Our level of Consciousness determines to a great extent the way we experience life - the way we live, how we view the world, how successful we are, our relationships, our interactions, how we deal with failure and how we communicate.

Please answer all the questions
Please choose only one answer for each question.
Please answer as if you were in the situation (where applicable) based on how you would react, rather than how you would like to think you would act


Your results will be emailed to you immediately.


A friend asks you out to lunch because she says she needs to talk to you. When you sit down she explains to you that she is disappointed in you because she feels you have not been a good friend to her. You feel hurt by this and don't think she is being fair, you:

Get defensive and stand up for yourself
Feel hurt and withdraw, telling her she has now disappointed you
Change the subject and try to find some common ground
Acknowledge your hurt and pain and ask her why she feels this way and what you can do differently in the future, to fix it
Share (not defend) that you did not intend for her to feel that way

To what degree are you aware of your body in normal operation? (not when you are in pain):

On and off
All the time

To what degree are you experiencing your Being - feeling your Self?

I don't know what you are talking about
On and off
All the time

You are moving house and are packing up all your things. Do you:

Avoid throwing anything away in case you may need it one day
Keep all your sentimental things like letters and gifts
Throw things away and regret it later
Throw/sell/give away things you don't absolutely need

How much time do you need between waking up and being bright-eyed and bushy-tailed?

I'd rather not answer
30 minutes
15 minutes
10 seconds
1 second

I am crystal clear on who I am, my purpose and my legacy:

Not at all
Not sure
More or less
Pretty much

I don't need much time to think, I realize instantly:

Most times

There are no aspects in my life that drain my energy:

I wish
I'm working on it
I find this difficult
I manage to avoid these aspects

I know how to operate my consciousness:

I have no clue
Not sure
Not always

You have a high paying job, a friend offers you an opportunity to start a potentially lucrative business with him, you:

Postpone making the decision
Go and speak to your psychologist about what to do
Tell your friend ""Thanks, but no thanks"
Ask your friends what they think you should do
Consider the possibility and feel free to do it or not

Your performance review at work has come up and your boss has a lot of criticism for you that you weren't expecting, you:

Fight with him and tell him he is being unreasonable
Feel victimized and picked on
Analyses what he said over and over again in your mind
Withdraw and feel resentment towards him and the company
Hear what he said and put your hurt and pain aside for the moment
Write down the criticism and decide to understand and work especially hard on those areas
Acknowledge the opportunity to ask your boss for in depth details in order to improve and grow

A popular person of wisdom visits your area and gives an evening talk, you:

Are not interested
Check with your friends to see if they are going
Are excited and book your seat
Try to get a personal appointment with this person

After you get up in the morning and take a shower you:

Are late and rush to work
Instantly get busy on your laptop
Have some time and read the newspaper
Get to work early and have a chat with your work colleagues
Take a short walk in the park on your way to work
Sit down at home in a quiet place and visualize your day ahead

You were working towards a big exciting goal and at one stage realized that is was not going to happen, you:

Resist reality and continue working on the goal as if nothing had happened
Go into resentment with the world, destiny and God
Sulk and lower your standards
Start a fight with your partner
Acknowledge reality as it presents itself and look out for the wisdom in the situation
Know that this is perfect and look for what would be the next authentic action

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