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"The best word I can think of to accurately describe my experience is OUTRAGEOUS - in the most positive sense. My fabulous future started on day one and I cant wait for the rest of the journey. Thank you!"
Chantal Smuts, Corporate Publisher, Cape Town


"Coming on this course gave me my biggest breakthrough in life. I found my purpose in life!"
Onica Lei, Beautician, Cape Town


"As far as coaching is concerned, and as far as I happen to know, your course is the first to be based so essentially on a major philosopher. And then, you are not doing mere psychiatric therapy, that is, fixing broken bones, but as coaching is supposed to do, you do your best to help people fly… These are, therefore, the revelations which I got from your Master I course."
Prof. Elemer Rosinger, University of Pretoria


"During Master I, I learned that I am the master of my own destiny, that everything I need, I already possess and that I am more powerful that I ever could have dreamed."
Bronwyn Grobler, Financial Manager, Cape Town


"From the first moment of your coach training you know with certainty that this will be unlike anything you have experienced before. The principles taught are powerful in their effect and their footprint immense. Around these you gain an insight in and understanding of humanity, and yourself, giving you clarity far beyond seeing the world through a misted window. To really get people and be able to make a difference that runs deep and lasts the seasons."
Gerry Bartel, Business Owner, Cape Town


"I hereby forward to you my appreciation and gratitude for being coached by you. I must say my way of thinking has drastically changed since I started communicating with you and as I incooperate my new life with your 'crazy' ideas life has a new dimension and meaning. Thank You for this and much more that I may not be able to express in words but feel about the treasure you are to my spiritual development."
Lawrence Nmegora, UCT student, Cape Town


“Master I has opened the possibility for me that with practice I can take control of my life again and that I can get in touch with who I really am. It also awakened the possibility, that through this process, the authentic person will come to the fore again.” " I thought that Master I was a liberating experience ... Master II has just been WOW!"
Lester Grovers, Sales, Cape Town


"My Master II participation has been one AWESOME experience. It truly is no motivational hype and change takes lace in a meaningful way. I feel true empowerment and find myself in a position to effect real change in my life! Thank you!"
Matthew Hess ,Clark for Western Cape Education, Cape Town


"Master II was incredible. I have moved forward in huge leaps, onward along the road of consciousness!"
Samantha Sparks, Consultant, Jhb


Master I opened my eyes to the possibility to turn my mourning into dancing. What appeared to be my biggest enemy, turned out to be a potential friend - Anger. Where my previous perception of anger caused me to gaze deeply into the eyes of dispair, I now realise that I can use my anger to do what gives me passion: To inspire people! I got it!
Fritz Holscher, Managing Director, Jhb


A Life changing experience that will benefit anyone. The tools provided enabled me to fully utilize my life and experience life!
Eric Majors


Just when I thought life was 'okay', I realised I wasn't happy with just 'okay'. This realisation lead me to a very dark place. All I can say is a most sincere and honest THANK YOU to CCI for pulling me out of that darkness and not only pull me into the light but gave me the direction I need to continue.
Basily Arundel, IT, Cape Town


Consciousness coaching has given me an interesting and exciting new persepective. I have a renewed sense of energy and drive towards my life. I am ready to get up and go!!
Kerry , Student, Cape Town


My participation in this course has been invigorating. I feel as if there is now a tangible possibility that I can create a life which is both fulfilling and generative. This 4 day experience has forged a connection between my intellectual knowledge & my emotional reality. It is a connection which I can sense will support my realisation of this possibility - creating a fulfilling and generative life.
Tahirih Cook , Educator, Cape Town


This course is a gift and a blessing from above. Coming on this course gave me my biggest breakthrough in life. I found my purpose in life!
Onica Lei , Beautician, Cape Town.


The course was the next step in the journey towards being my word. It definitely stretched my level of committment and raised my awareness.
Frit z Holscher, MD, Cape Town


Enlightening, shifting and empowering. I have begun and awesome journey of discovery. Thank you CCI.
Claudia Richert, Architectural Technologist, Cape Town


I could not imagine being pulled out of my comfort zone more than I was in master I but Master II proved I could. It is again been enlightening, fun, confronting and awesome Master II again lived up to the CCI's standards of Inspiring, Moving and Touching!
Marna Fritz , Training & Development Project Manager, JHB


I enjoyed the interaction with Mark and having him present. Thank you for the empowering insights as well as the awesome tools I now have available. I cannot believe I was trying to function in life without these and having this insight....forgive myself for my previous actions.
Dirk V D Walt, Software Trainer, Jhb


Coaching has revolutionized the way I interact with this unavoidable aspect of our life: Sales & marketing is a natural state of human existence.
Vicky Manamela, Engineer, Van der Bijl Park


Executive Coaching - What if it is not about time but timing! What if it is not about money but attracting abundance? Consider to get that there is an effortless, more flowing and abundant way of living as an executive and doing your business. Imagine getting all of that in one day!

On relationships - A whole new world opened up where relationships are based on agreements and not expectations, fueled with magic and passion. The process of liberating a couple to live from their vision is also very exciting. An amazingly detailed day on creating a successful relationship.

Sales - A stunning transformation in the way we do sales and 'be' sales that will keep your self respect in tact whilst creating maximum results.
Berdine Bronkhorst (Legal Advisor), Jhb


My message to couples are to consider you could feel the 'feeling in love' all over again? Anything exist as a possibility before it becomes a reality!
Erika Kotze, Consultant, Cape Town


We live our lives through relationships. A relationship with a clear objective is in a powerful position to provide inspiration, love, a sense of belonging & purpose in my life.
Vicky Manamela, Engineer, Van der Bijl Park


I became fully present to the fact that my fears and doubts were the obstacles in my way of making my business the success I wanted. My company has never been richer!
Martijn Brunott, IT Director Netverse, Cape Town


Every thought, every emotion, every action is determined by one thing: How do you relate to it? This is the opportunity to create, and the insight to see that you have the power to have the relationship that lasts with continued love and where everyday is a honeymoon.
Quinton Theron, Operations Manager , Jhb


Master II was the next step in the journey towards being my word. It definitely stretched my level of commitment and raised my awareness
Fritz Holscher, Managing Director, Jhb


My journey thus far has shown me the power of forgiveness and that I can have compassion without emotional attachment. My experience has given me the tools to more effectively coach people needing guidance. I feel empowered and excited and look forward to more!
Martijn Brunott, IT Director Netverse, Cape Town


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